Top 3 PHP Grid Solutions in 2020

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Top 3 PHP Grid Solutions in 2020

June 17, 2020 General 0

What really is PHP Grid?

The PHP Grid (or PHP Datagrid) is a feature rich control used to show information from sources like database or JSON services in a tabular form. It also support other essential powerful features in a box like inline add, editing, deletion like we do in excel. Searching, Sorting and Paging is also supported. Some provides more advanced features like Grouping, Import, Export and Master-Detail Grids.

Data Binding with Remote Data

The main difference is the remote datasource integration with the datagrid, otherwise it is not different from any Javascript client side datagrid solution. You can connect PHP Grid solutions with Databases and fetch / send data from / to JSON web services.

Support Commitment

Another important thing is what level of technical support is available with the product including Documentation and Support Forums. There are plenty of $10 scripts are available in marketplaces like code-canyon etc, but support commitment is not very reliable and if you stuck in between your project, there is a possibility that that freelance developer account is not found on script marketplace.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile / Small screen devices / Responsive support is a must-have feature and all solutions which don’t support mobile screens are considered pretty much outdated and not recommended and will not be discussed.

Here we are discussing some top available solutions and pricing (as on 17th June 2020).

1) Telerik Grid Control

Telerik is backed by Javascript library ‘Kendo UI’ and Telerik PHP UI is simply wrapper of Kendo + The backend datasource integration features. The bad thing is Grid control is not sold independently. It comes with complete suite of 60+ components named ‘Telerik UI for PHP’. Pricing starts from $1,048 which includes Kendo UI for PHP, Jquery, Angular, React and Vue libraries. Support commitment seems promising as well. It comes with 30 days trial as well.

Weblink: //

2) Syncfusion PHP Grid

Syncfusion PHP server side wrapper with over 60+ controls provides the enhanced way to create the rich web applications effortlessly. It is also very promising with a good high price but datagrid does not come with independent package. You will always have to buy complete suite. It comes with 30 days trial as well.

Weblink: //

3) Grid 4 PHP Framework — PHP Datagrid

Functional PHP Grid (Datagrid) in least code, Speed Up Development by 600%, Responsive & Mobile Optimized Interface, Readymade Working Examples with Documentation, FAQs & Support Forum. The best thing is with all blows and whistles, this is php datagrid specific solution so price is far less than the above two. It comes with a free version with basic essential features (but with a free-version tag) and purchased licenses are also very much reasonable as compared to features. Along with features, the support commitment is also very good (as said by their customers) + technical support forum and documentation and FAQs seems quite sufficient as well.

Weblink: //


If you are selection a product for your corporate and your company has budget to spend on development, it would be best to go for Telerik. It will give you far more stuff in reasonable price.

If you are working on a limited budget project, then Grid 4 PHP — PHP Datagrid proves to be a good selection. You can get try free version for basic functions and then go for license.

That’s it for now.

Share your feedback as well.


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